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2 Undervalued Marijuana Stocks To Watch In July

2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Friday With Hidden Value.

2 Undervalued Marijuana Stocks To Watch In July

When looking for marijuana stocks to buy often times people look for the top companies only. This is typically done due to the value and popularity of the given cannabis stock. Most times investors try to invest in what is currently popping or bubbling in the market. With cannabis stocks trading in a volatile sector at times can be more beneficial to stick with top cannabis companies.

However, some investors take a bit more time and thoroughly search for marijuana stocks that have hidden value or are not as known. With a great deal of hype surrounding other cannabis companies at times, some companies get overlooked. This can be positive and negative to the situation. For example, a particular lesser-known cannabis stock may be at a good entry point and trading well in the market.

The negative part to this is sometimes when not enough attention is being captured it makes it difficult for other investors to find value. Which can lead to a decrease in momentum and a drop in trading. Yet nevertheless, there is always an opportunity to found in the cannabis sector. Especially with how fast and continuously the cannabis industry is growing. Many new and old companies are still moving around trying to sustain further progress.

Cannabis Stock Info And Market Update

At times when a particular cannabis company is performing well, it can resonate well amongst other marijuana stocks. Even if the company is not as known which does not take away from any current or future value of the company. Now before you decide to invest make sure you do your homework ahead of time. By researching all you can it will give you an idea of the type of investment you will be making. So with the marijuana stocks below make sure you do your due diligence beforehand.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now

  1. Red White & Bloom Brands Inc. (OTC:RWBYF)
  2. Cansortium Inc. (OTC:CNTMF)

Red White & Bloom Brands Inc.

Red White & Bloom Brands Inc. engages in the cultivation and retail of cannabis products primarily in Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and Florida. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada. In the last 2 months of trading RWBYF stock has been working on sustaining any upward momentum it can find. For the better part of May trading for RWBYF stock was not the best. For the first 20-21 days of May, the company was faced with a drop in trading. However, from the 20th of May to the 27th RWBYF stock started to slowly recover in the market.

During this time RWBYF stock generated gains of 26 percent. Now moving into June the company was hit with another drop in trading. This dip did not occur until the second week of June which initially happened on the 11th. Moving forward the company has been working on reaching a better market position. Currently, in July a small increase in trading is starting to once again take place for RWBYF stock. With more time left in July, shareholders are waiting patiently to see what the future holds for this marijuana stock to watch.

Cansortium Inc.

Cansortium Inc. through its subsidiaries produces and sells medical cannabis in the United States. The company engages in the cultivation, processing, retail, and distribution activities. Its medical cannabis products are offered in oral drops, capsules, suppositories, topicals, syringes, dried flower, prerolls, cartridges, and edibles. The company provides its products under the Fluent brand name.

In the last 8 weeks of trading CNTMF stock has been trying to leverage any momentum it can find. The first half of May wasn’t too bad for the company. From the 7th to the 28th of May CNTMF stock saw an increase of 21 percent. This was a solid jump in trading which showed shareholders the growth potential of the company. Now moving into June CNTMF stock in the first 4 days saw another subtle rise in trading. Yet from the 4th of June, the company was not able to keep its rise going.

This drop ultimately lasted the better half of June leading into July. Currently, in July the company is down but is working to see better trading in the near future. In recent news, the company announced it has canceled its convertible notes. Originally issued in the aggregate principal amount of US$10 million in February 2019 to force the conversion of the Notes into common shares of the Company.

US$5 million of the Notes were previously redeemed with cash on May 5, 2021. As a result, all obligations under the Notes have been satisfied and are thus canceled. As the company works to resolve more issues shareholders are keeping the faith that better progress will come from this process.

Words From The Company

Cansortium CEO Robert Beasley commented: “We have worked diligently over the past several months to simplify our capital structure and materially improve our balance sheet. With this redemption, we have eliminated all convertible notes from our cap table. We would like to thank our convertible noteholders for their support of the Company over these past two years.”

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