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The top marijuana stocks to invest in

The top marijuana stocks to invest in

The following are the top marijuana stocks to invest in, since it has become a growing market for shareholders and investors.

As a stockholder, it is hard to ignore the fact that marijuana is on the way of becoming legal nationwide and, regardless of our moral stance, it’s undeniable that it represents a big opportunity to invest.

Apart from the recreational use of cannabis, numerous scientific researches have proven that this plant has several medical benefits that should be available for anybody. In response to the newly accepted virtues of cannabis, some people have gotten into the marijuana business and have found notorious success.

What should a cannabis investor look for? Since we are talking about a business model that is not yet legal in all the USA, you should make sure that the company you will invest in has all their licensing required, so they have the permits necessary to sell in its jurisdiction. The company must also have a comprehensive knowledge of all the regulations the state imposes.

It is also important that you, as an investor, are aware of the relationship that the company has with its local community: considerate that marijuana may be a taboo subject in many places, and a business that deals with this plant could not be entirely welcome. The states that have legalized marijuana have several hundred pages of regulations for this kind of business, and if a company doesn’t get along with the community, it wouldn’t be hard to shut it down claiming irregularities by some legal loophole.

Marijuana stocks to invest in

The marijuana stocks in the USA have risen considerably in the last few years. In 2015 alone, the legal cannabis market expanded 17%, with a total value of $5.4 billion. So, it turns out marijuana is a very promising investment. The rise of the market will only keep going, because people are losing fear of the recreational use of this green leaf and learning about the potential benefits of its medical use.

In 1985 the FDA granted permission to AbbVie Inc. to produce Marinol, a cannabis based drug that helps treating the nausea of patients going through chemotherapy. It also stimulates appetite on HIV patients. AbbVie Inc. is a very successful company that offers considerable gains to its investors. During 2016, the ABBV shares moved to a 10.53% year to date gain, which makes it very attractive to investors that can afford buying (and risking) several $56 shares.

Parents of children who suffer epilepsy are totally for the use of cannabis, and have several times asked for its legalization. It has been proven that marijuana helps to reduce notoriously the number of seizures a child with this disease might have. In response to this medical necessity, GW Pharmaceuticals has developed a cannabis based drug named Epidiolex, which may reduce seizures in children by 44%. The value of this company has doubled since March, and it may very well keep growing if the use of Epidiolex becomes significant in the next few years. GW Pharmaceuticals is, of course, a very attractive option for investors.

What about to invest in something different from the pharmaceutical stocks? Tinley Beverage produces Hemplify, a cannabis based drink that has a different approach than the last two companies reviewed. Hemplify is a supplement infused with hemp extract, electrolytes, nine vitamins, potassium and omega 3 and it also contains other ingredients from the Cannabaceae family plant –including cannabis and hops. This beverage is 100% natural and very attractive for young people, who want to be hydrated and love cannabis. This growing company has not yet reach the high levels of AbbVie Inc. or GW Pharmaceuticals, but it will most likely become a big one once the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act is approved in November. Besides, their stocks are considerably cheaper: you can buy shares at $0.23 making it an excellent opportunity to invest, mainly when you are starting or if you don’t want to invest a large amount of money.

The society is changing. The rules are changing. Marijuana stocks are on the high because we are in a new, more open world. This is a golden opportunity to investors looking to diversify their business.

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