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Peru: mining minister’s replaced

Peru President Pedro Castillo has replaced four ministers amid a mining and fertilizer crisis and after lawmakers presented motions to censure some members of the cabinet. Alessandra Herrera was appointed mining minister after the government failed this week to reach a deal between MMG’s Las Bambas copper mine and indigenous …

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Staph infections: the genetic underpinnings

A common culprit of skin and respiratory infections, Staphylococcus aureus is highly uncertain. Between 20 and 30 percent of people carry quiet colonies on their skin and in their nostrils, which seldom cause problems beyond the occasional rash. But in some cases these bacteria cause infections that lead to deadly …

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Starbucks closing 130 licensed cafes in Russia

After a long time operating in Russia, Starbucks will exit the market, joining other occidental companies in withdrawing from the country completely. The coffee giant announced that it will no longer have a brand presence in Russia after 15 years. Starbucks has 130 locations in the country, which account for …

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Cannabis producer Canopy Growth sheds 8% of workforce

Canadian cannabis producer Canopy Growth slashed approximately 8% of its workforce Tuesday as part of sweeping changes across the company designed to help stem recent losses and nudge the struggling company to profitability, MJBizDaily has learned. The latest round of layoffs amounts to 245 people, according to the company, and …

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Stocks and Founds that are overexposed To Russia And Ukraine

Stock markets worldwide have been in red since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine last week, and American and European companies that have a significant presence in Russia have been hit particularly hard. The S&P 500 Index is down 4.6% since the start of February as Russia escalated the conflict. …

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According to mining leaders there will be bigger spread of risks

Last year’s survey was dominated by environmental, social and governance (ESG), which was seen by 46% of respondents as the key risk, followed by COVID-19 (21%). ESG remained the top risk for 2022, but only for 24% of respondents. “The mining industry has found itself caught between two competing themes …

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Chromatography Put up New Biopharmaceutical Methods

Chromatography doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the processing demands and cost pressures associated with next-generation medicines. Instead, chromatography is strengthening its commitment to innovation.  The ability to meet new challenges is a highly refined trait in chromatography. Indeed, chromatography has been improving ever since it began separating pigments and …

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What are the Best Penny Stocks To Buy?

How to find the best ways to obtain penny stocks to buy? including hunting for chart set-ups and looking for unusual trading activity. Others focus their strategy around finding top stocks under $1 or even below $0.50 that might be considered a good long shot investment opportunity by investing early.  …

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Slumping sales in medical marijuana

Regulations have been strict in Hawaii, hampering the growth of the state’s medical marijuana industry, causing sales to slow and making the regulated market uncompetitive with the illicit market, according to new data. The analysis, commissioned by the Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association, found that sales have slowed from an annual …

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In the past 18 months: over 850 Indian penny stocks

Some penny stocks or low-priced stocks have given massive returns in the past 18 months with 102 stocks rising over 1000 per cent and 10 stocks rising over 5000 per cent. The misfeasance is now widespread and IANS has been throwing into stark relief how circular trading and pump and …

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