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Cannabis home cultivation vs facilities

Cannabis home cultivation vs facilities

Cannabis cultivation have a different process from homegrowth cannabis (herbs on soil surfaces) to hydroponic system (roots are in contact with water).

The cultivation of Cannabis can be dated as far back as a thousand years. Traditionally, cannabis was initially grown outdoors, on the soil.

Most homegrown cannabis grows the herbs on soil surfaces usually in their backward or their gardens as opposed to automated facilities which produce the crop in a computerized hydroponics system under a very controlled environment.

But we know that soil cultivation is limited; constituting just 30% of the earth’s surface. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most effective means to grow the herb.

On the other hand, there are the commercial or medical growers who make use of active systems to grow the herb, usually with the use of hydroponic systems. A hydroponics system takes the unpredictability and uncertainty of soil production. In this system roots of the plants are in constant contact with a water solution.

Nutrients are added in liquid form to the solution; this will constitute of the essential substances the herb will require for optimum growth and performance.

The age-long question has been whether it is preferred to grow cannabis at home (outside) or to raise the herb in a controlled facility.

Growing cannabis at home and growing Cannabis in a confined environment both have their pros and cons.

We will be looking at each closely.

 Yield vs Quality

It is true that some of the best homegrown cannabis can compete against some marijuana grown in Cannabis dedicated facilities, but in most cases, indoor grown cannabis have better quality compared to home-grown cannabis. However, when it comes to yield per plant, the homegrown (outdoor cannabis) will typically have greater quantity. Most homegrown Cannabis is usually unlimited when it comes to planting height; you can find marijuana shrubs spanning to as high as 10 – 18 feet tall. Plants with this height can yield as much as 5 – 12 pounds per plant.

Inversely, as stated earlier cannabis grown in facilities are usually grown on automated hydroponic systems, under acutely observed environment. These systems are known to harbour smaller plant size and can comfortably house hundreds if not thousands of plants in a commercial setup system.

 Mediums of Cultivation

While home growers have been known to use topsoil to grow cannabis, this has been the practice and it’s still been used even to date. However, most home growers now turn to composted mediums that combine smaller amounts of topsoil with decomposing organic material to create a much richer medium.

On the other hand, most facilities rely on top-feed drip or spray emitters that are staked directly into the soilless medium at each plant site. These emitters drip or spray either pure water or nutrient solution into the medium at regular intervals controlled by regulators.

Innovative technology has emerged in commercial greenhouse farming. Just like the one used by FSD Pharma  (OTCPK:FSDDF)(C.HUGE)(HUGE:CNX). This system of agriculture strikes a balance between both methods of growing the herb. Producing high-quality yields every time.

To conclude, we have briefly examined both methods of cultivating cannabis, all offering both a positive and negative side. What’s most important is, as a consumer or producer you continually educate yourself, observing the latest trends and innovations.

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