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Coronavirus Preppers Are Big Money for Cannabis Industry

Coronavirus Preppers Are Big Money for Cannabis Industry

U.S., March 17, 2020 (CANNABISNOW)- The legal cannabis market experienced its biggest run on product ever yesterday as consumers across America stood in lines wrapping around the block in hopes of scoring pot before being locked down by coronavirus. 

With the situation seemingly changing by the day across America as state and local officials scramble to take drastic steps in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19, cannabis consumers were not willing to risk being stuck at home without their nugs. It is very likely Monday was the biggest day of cannabis sales in history, beating every 420 the legal market has seen.

We were able to get data from both Weedmaps and Headset to confirm the monster sales day.

According to Weedmaps’s communications director Travis Rexroad, the company had tracked a slight bump in sales from March 13 to 15, but on monday things got crazy. While sales were up a respectable 11% on Sunday compared to the average day, on Monday that number would jump to 50%.   

According to the data miners at Headset, Monday did not see sales quite crest 420 spikes though it was close. In California adult-use cannabis sales on Monday were 56% higher than the four previous Mondays while 420 was 122% larger than an average Saturday.  

“However, Edibles saw gains of 107% over normal volumes yesterday (so sales were twice as high) and on 420 of last year edibles were boosted 120%, so [it was] pretty darn close,” Headset told Cannabis Now via their reps at Mattio Communications. “Since edibles give you a great way to consume cannabis with very little touching your face I think that could point to coronavirus sales spikes.”

Headset noted that prerolls, which are super popular on 420, only saw a 19% bump in sales yesterday. They speculated prerolls may have seen the lowest bump since people don’t want to touch their face. 

But regardless of the data, some cannabis companies are seeing some ridiculous numbers, especially if they bring it straight to your house. Los Angeles-based delivery service Tokr said sales are up 287% since March 12. The company’s average cart size has also tripled as people are really stocking up anticipating they will be home for an extended period of time.

“It is obviously confusing times for everyone right now and our main priority is keeping this process completely safe and seamless,” Tokr’s CEO and cofounder Matt Singer told Cannabis Now in an email. “We know that many people rely on cannabis for many aspects of their lives and we are committed to continuing to provide safe access to those products they need through this crisis. We are currently offering free delivery to all of our customers so that they can easily find these products without breaking the social distancing that our government has been requesting of us.”

Singer again emphasized the number one priority is the safety of drivers and customers. Some of the adjustments to their operating procedures to keep everyone safe include keeping a 6 foot distance from customers during transactions, processing payment over the phone, and drivers are doing deliveries curbside to avoid prolonged exposure to anyone or place.  

Further north in Oakland within the seven San Francisco Bay Area counties under a shelter in place order, FLYT Delivery had a record day Monday too. According to Cofounder Paul Semonian, FLYT simply didn’t have the manpower they needed for the massive amount of orders, there were still about 20 left to process when they had to call it a day. 

Brick and mortar storefronts did great too, especially in places that were going into lockdown at midnight. Herb’s Collective in San Jose also bested their 420 numbers, but have seen a drastic drop today as the region entered a new level of public health crisis. At Red Door Remedies in Wine Country they beat 420 yesterday and are further away from the population centers currently impacted by shelter in place orders, as a result there is a line out the door again today. 


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