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The future plans of the largest hydroponic facility: FSD Pharma

The future plans of the largest hydroponic cannabis facility: FSD Pharma

Marijuana market is growing and expanding and there is one company that has the largest hydroponic facility: FSD Pharma. Keep reading and learn more.

FSD Pharma (OTCPK:FSDDF) (C.HUGE) (HUGE:CNX) is taking action to take over the marijuana market. They are designing the world’s largest hydroponic marijuana facility in the Kraft Food´s facilities in Cobourg, Ontario. To expand the business, they entered into partnerships with other companies.

One of their new allies is Auxly Cannabis Group. They will design and take care of the property in the development stage, as well they’ll contribute 55 million dollars for the construction of the facility. They’ll receive 49.9% of all the cannabis produced at the hydroponic facility. FSD Pharma intends to cover all the segments of the cannabis industry from cultivation to research and development. The unification of the operations will result in an economic advantage. Thanks to the reduction of costs and the proximity to Toronto. FSD is also planning to buy 51% of the Atlantic Island Cannabis Inc.

High Tide Ventures privately held in Alberta, has received an investment from FSD Pharma. The company applied for 31 retail cannabis permits for Alberta and 16 for Saskatchewan. They are expecting to apply for British Columbia in no time. The most noteworthy retail cannabis accessory brands like RGR Canada, Canna Cabana Famous Brandz, and Smokers corner are own by High Tide.

At the moment; FV Pharm possesses 25 of Cannara Biotech. Who aspires to become the biggest indoor cultivation facility in Quebec.  They just bought a 625,000 square feet near Montreal. Cannara biotech signed an agreement with FV Pharma in by which FV Pharma will lease about 105,000 square feet of Cannara´s facility in order to cultivate and sell cannabis products. The floor space between booths companies is around 1.245 million square.

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With the construction of the largest hydroponic cannabis facility and the alliances with other companies, FSD Pharma is managing a market capitalization of $222.3 million. But the big deal for FSD Pharm is in its hydroponic growing operations. Which is known for its many advantages like it’s faster growth rate, larger yields, fewer contaminants, and plagues. This way of growing cannabis is preferred because of its efficiency and is easier for the plants to absorb the nutrients. This can cause that the valuation of FSD Pharma to rise by the implement of recreational marijuana in Canada.

The biggest amount ever listed by a CSE user within a month comes from FSD Pharm. From who the period of May 29, 2018 to June 28, 2018 the company traded 869, 232, 894 Class B subordinate voting shares. Before FSD Pharma the top-rated listed by a CSE issuer within a month was 380, 976, 411.

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