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Investing in the future of medicine

Investing in the future of medicine

The future of medicine is in the investment of people seeking to expand their personal resources and make a good to the global population.

Today, the population lives up to three decades more than 100 years ago, thanks to research and development of new medicines. The future of medicine is based on clinical research that is focused on demonstrating the efficiency and safety of new drugs developed before they are released.

The pharmaceutical market has very good profits, even above the telecommunications sector. For every dollar invested in making a drug, you can get up to a thousand of profit.

The margins in the return on investment of these industries are very important, reaching between 70 and 90 percent, with a rate of profit of 20 percent, far surpassing the 15.8 percent of the commercial banks, reason why investing in this sector makes it a profitable business.

The future of medicine

The branch of pharmaceutical companies is technologically very advanced and covers biology, biochemistry, engineering, microbiology, pharmacy and pharmacology, medicine, nursing, physics, among others. This industry develops research and development (R & D) activities, production, quality control, marketing, medical representation, public relations, and administration.

Globalization has maximized its benefits and reduced costs, from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacture of the final product.

The pharmaceutical industry, which is responsible for the production and marketing of medicines, is one of the most important economic sectors in the world. The Fortune 500 list in 2012 showed that the volume of profits of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, outperformed the profits accumulated by the other 490 companies.

Investing in such companies sounds very tempting, and serious companies such as Revive Therapeutics listed on TSX Venture: RVV in Canada and OTCQB: RVVTF in the US, allow you to take advantage of these financial profits if you are a person who just wants to spend a few dollars, and not the millions of great capitalists.

Revive Therapeutics focuses its efforts on clinical research, looking for licensing concepts like that of Bucillamine, recently acquired for the treatment of cystinuria, becoming the only company with FDA permission for marketing and use that is indispensable for the Treatment of this condition in North America.

Revive Therapeutics is currently evaluating a number of drugs for the treatment of diseases such as Wilson’s and Rett’s Syndrome. Since it focuses on the development of rare disease treatments that very few companies are pursuing, it makes it attractive for investors. At the same time, this support the improvement and discovery of new solutions to treat such diseases.

This is the main factor by which the future of medicine is in the investment of people seeking to expand their personal resources, because in the interest of large pharmaceutical companies only in diseases of large proportions, there is an opportunity to duplicate in a short time those dollars that do not affect their family economy, and do support their savings.

Many diseases are discovered over the years, some rare, and are laboratories innovative and with greater social awareness, those who decide to bet on the future and to support with treatments those patients often forgotten by all.

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