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Learn how to invest in Canadian cannabis

Learn how to invest in Canadian cannabis

If you want to invest in Canadian cannabis, the retail market is opening up and eventually will grow. That presents a viable platform for investment.

Legalization has brought a new twist to the Canadian cannabis market. The market which was hitherto left for the big players has now been opened for all.

The escalating rate of investment in the sector and an increasing expansion of the market prospects have made some individuals overnight millionaires. The cannabis rave is turning the fortunes of many, and it could do the same for you.

Investing In Canadian Cannabis

The Canadian cannabis market is one of the main thriving hubs for investment in Canada today but like all things profitable, the market has attracted all sorts of characters; dubious ones and genuine businesses.

The regulations governing legalization has created a low barrier of entry investment model in cannabis investing and as such the ability to invest across the cannabis value chain is more real today than ever. The investment framework has opened an array of investment options many of which have turned a profit while some others are yet to prove their mettle.

There are a couple of great ways to join the band of smart investors who have made handsome profit on their Canadian cannabis investment, but the key is to be able to find the right niche for your investment and the ability to differentiate the real deal from the posers.

Outside the concept of stock investing in the Canadian cannabis market with the likes of FSD PHARMA, there are other sector investments in cannabis that are posting big profits. we will be showing you some of the profitable niches you can make your investment in the Canadian cannabis market.


There are strict regulations on how much an individual can farm but when thinking of investing, the licensed producers are your best bet. The Canadian government have licensed about 92 LPs and the number is still growing.

Other agriculture investments in Canadian cannabis can be in the form investments in the manufacture and supply of cultivation equipments, hydroponic equipments, processing equipments, and associated inputs including soil, fertilizer, vapour pen batteries and cartridges and more.

Real Estate

The increasing demand for cannabis products and the need to expand has created a real estate debacle. Several cannabis companies are in the race to acquiring dormant warehouse to serve as farms and this presents a unique opportunity in the real estate sector.

Investment in property for cannabis production and retailing is big business opportunity with compelling prospects.


Retail Market

The retail market is the hub of all cannabis investment. As more investment pour into the sector, businesses would require retail establishment for marketing, sales and expansion of market.

To spell out the importance of the distribution network that the retail market represents, some large LPs are already making deals with established retail chains to help with distribution. The retail market is opening up and this opportune moment presents a viable platform for investment.

Cannabis Support Business

These are businesses that support the industry but are not involved with direct farming and producing of the commodity. Investment opportunities herein include; packaging supplies, label printing, marketing and advertising.

FSD PHARMA (OTCPK:FSDDF) (C.HUGE) (HUGE:CNX) owns the largest hydroponic indoor cannabis production and processing activities in Canada and they are listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

FSD PHARMA has partnered with SciCann Therapeutics Inc. for the production and distribution of cannabinoid-based, patent pending, and indication-specific products developed by SciCann Therapeutics Inc.


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