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Treatments advances for rare diseases and disorders

Treatments advances for rare diseases and disorders.

There is no way to know if you will gain or lose money when you buy stocks, you just have probable outcomes, so, you should consider the ones that are more likely to succeed. The health sector is a great place to start, because it includes industries that are in constant renovation to answer people’s real needs. The research in rare diseases and disorders are good proof of that.

Why investing in the healthcare sector? First, it is important to understand that there are a lot of industries dedicated to health issues. There are pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, developers of medical devices, health insurers or hospitals, to name some. All of them depend on certain trends that may be beneficial for the investor, such as the growth of certain kind of chronicle diseases, or the possibility of creating personalized medicine. Again, each industry has its own hazards and benefits.

On one hand, the biotech companies and pharmaceuticals may use most of the investment on research and development, and they must consider obstacles such as FDA approval, patents, the possibility of generic versions of the drugs, and, of course, failure throughout the research. On the other hand, when these industries develop game-changing drugs, the value of the company can rise considerably.

So, although these industries are in constant changes, keep in mind that currently there is a lot of work and money feeding the creation of technologies that ease the results on research and development in the health sector. This is a great industry for beginner investors who don’t want to risk too much, and want to put money into good use.

Advances on rare diseases and disorders

There are some awesome treatment advances that have been made lately, thanks to the interest of many investors. The research on Buccilamine, for instance, has proven to be efficient for some rare diseases:

Cystinuria is a rare disease that affects one in every 7.000 people. It is a genetic disorder that provokes a metabolic malfunction. The symptoms may include blood in the urine, pain in the back, side-back, pelvis, genitalia or upper-abdomen. New research has suggested that Bucillamine —ommonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in Japan and South Korea— can be very effective in preventing the growth of kidney stones caused by Cystinuria. This drug has proven to be much more effective than the usual treatment for these cases.

Wilson’s disease is another genetic disorder that affects one in every 30.000 people. It is the incapability of the body for removing extra copper out of itself, which can cause neurologic symptoms such as shaking or coordination difficulties, weakness, uncontrollable movement of the arms and legs or spasm. It can also result in cataracts, vomit or liver damage. It has been found in non-clinical studies that Bucillamine has the potential of being a more effective treatment for this disease than the drug currently used, the D-penicilliamine.

Rett syndrome is also a genetic disorder that usually affects only women. It can be detected on infants of no less than four years old. The symptoms include great difficulties in the language and motor development, and progressive continuous loss of abilities. This is a terrible disease that affects one in every 10.000 girls. Recently researchers have begun to explore the potential benefits of a drug called Tianeptine for the treatment of Rett syndrome. The objective is to test the behavioral and physical effects of this drug and its possible use in humans. Further research is still planned and may signify an incredible advancement on the treatment of this rare disease.

Investing in medical research and development is a smart choice when buying low cost stocks, like Penny Stocks, where any person can invest from less than $5, even pennies. Not only there is a good chance of profit, but you can help people who are in need. Penny stocks are not for the faint hearted, but although there is a risk, they are great for people who don’t want to spend a lot or that are just getting started.

You don’t have to compromise a lot of money in the Penny Stock market, and when your investments go high, you can be sure somebody else is benefited from it. However, we strongly recommend to seek professional advice to help you find the best options to invest your money. They can give you the right lead to win.


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