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3 Exciting Ways Technology Is Changing The Cannabis Industry

September 10, 2020, US (The Fresh Toast) Canna-business is evolving along with technology. Here are three of the most promising technological developments that the cannabis industry is making.

3 Exciting Ways Technology Is Changing The Cannabis Industry

Technology affects just about everything, from the way in which we interact with others to how companies function. The cannabis industry isn’t exempt from technology’s reach. Thanks to marijuana’s legal developments over the last couple of years, the plant has been embraced by a myriad of people and businesses. The more time that passes and the more that technology develops, the more likely it is for cannabis to become involved in the medium, changing the way in which we buy and use products.

While it’s too soon to make any grandiose statements, technological developments in the weed industry are becoming more prominent. PC magazine compiled a few of the most interesting advancements that are affecting the cannabis industry. Here are 3 of our favorites:

Personalized products

The use of marijuana varies widely from person to person, all due to genetics. Since we each have our own DNA, cannabis affects us in different ways, resulting in experiences that differ in key aspects. According to PCMagazine, some cannabis companies hope to address this by personalizing your highs. CannabisDNA is administering a $129 saliva based test swab that creates a profile of your responses to different cannabinoids. Afterwards, a report is produced, showing strains that function well with your system.

While this feature is not accessible for the majority of cannabis users, in the future, marijuana retailers could use this technology to provide customers with products that will do exactly what they want them to do.

Grow lights

Grow lights, which are used for growing marijuana indoors, aren’t a new invention. Still, these lights are expensive and consume large amounts of energy. LED technology, which has been embraced by NASA in order to successfully cultivate plants in space, could soon be used by cannabis growers. These bulbs produce a wide-band light spectrum that produces less heat, thus creating less issues for growers when it comes to temperature control.

DNA sequencing

One of the reasons that cannabis is so popular (and profitable) is because of its malleability. While this creates an endless amount of therapeutic and recreational opportunities, it also doesn’t allow for predictable products; you might buy the same product twice and get different variations of THC.

DNA sequencing aims to create cannabis plants that are more predictable, mapping out its genome and providing a blueprint for companies to work with. The use of this technology could result in cannabis plants that are THC or CBD exclusive, that have different colors and flavors, and more.


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