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Can CBD help deter hormone disrupter chemicals?

Can CBD help deter hormone disrupter chemicals?

August 15, 2020, Toronto (TheGrowtOP) – Sometimes, emotions are like fireworks, suddenly exploding into colourful arrays, spilling down into every facet of life. Talk to any woman who has fluctuating hormone levels and she’ll tell you that feeling unbalanced or “out-of-whack” is something that she wishes never occurred.

Scientists have long been looking into the link between hormone imbalance, early menstruation and quality-of-life. While not solely caused by environmental factors (some of these are genetic or induced by thyroid problems or stress) hormone imbalances can affect mood, weight gain, hair loss and pain levels.

While both men and women are susceptible to hormone fluctuations, according to the Between the Bridges Healing Center, “Women experience hormonal imbalances at key transitions in their lives, for example, puberty, childbirth, perimenopause and menopause.”

Amanda Holmberg-Sasek, a therapist at Radiant Living Therapy in Plymouth, Minn., says she often sees clients who are experiencing the effects of hormone imbalance and its direct connection to a healthy sex life.

“Working with the psychological effects of hormone imbalance can really help make big changes in and out of the bedroom,” Holmberg-Sasek explained. Often a cause of dysfunction in relationships, she believes having a conversation is the first step to feeling and communicating more effectively with your partner.

When hormone issues are caused by environmental factors such as toxins, growth hormones or waste by-products, they can affect not only the body’s ability to reproduce, but the aging process as well. According to the Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Centre in Sugarland, Tex., an imbalance can overwhelm the liver, which helps “to filter out excessive hormones.”

When the liver can’t keep up with the disrupters in the food being eaten, the air being breathed and the water being drunk, people may experience symptoms that include “weight gain, brain fog, sleepless nights, headaches” and more.

Cannabinoids have long been studied for their effect on a body’s metabolism. / Photo: AlSimonov / iStock / Getty Images Plus AlSimonov / iStock / Getty Images Plus

So, how can CBD play a role in easing the effect of imbalance?

Cannabinoids have long been studied for their effect on a body’s metabolism. A few studies showcased that CBD actually harmed fertility in male mice, yet the compounds have been shown to have positive effects with hormone imbalances.

Research has long confirmed CBD’s role in moving the bowels to assist with bloating, but it also seems to be able to ease cramping as well.

While more studies are certainly needed to determine CBD’s effectiveness on the male and female hormone system, research is in the works. Harvard Health recommends talking to your doctor to see it might be right for you.


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