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Could cannabis bring a total new economy to Canada?

Could cannabis bring a total new economy to Canada

Many companies are investing on what looks like a new opportunity to grow and people are asking if cannabis could bring a total new economy to Canada.

The anticipated day is here. Cannabis has been set free, the jubilations is widespread and speculators are making a kill.

In the euphoria of the moment, many have proclaimed the new move a revolution second only to the Dot com era. They have aptly termed it – “the green revolution”.

The legalization of cannabis has created a new market with capitalization in excess of US$25 billion. The new cannabis market (there has been one since 2001, only that it was highly regulated and only approved for prescribed medical use) is moving for takeover as more investments pour into the industry.

Today, cannabis stocks are a good buy. They have always been a good buy before now but the prevailing uncertainties of the market and the lack of government support for the industry at the time had left the industry in a state of imbalance. Investors were forced to apply caution and are only opening up now due to the recent moves of regulators.

In spite of the visible prospects of the cannabis market, several analyst continue to hold the stance of caution. They maintain that the industry is still too young and the companies are lacking in experience. Many believe that the current trend is only a bubble citing the effect of news in impacting the movements of cannabis stock prices on the stock market.

However, one thing both sides of the divide agree on is that the cannabis market is big, it’s not only big, but big enough to kick-start a totally new economy in Canada and it is here to stay.


Before legalization, cannabis was just like any other commodity in the corporate scene. With medical advances and research breakthroughs no doubt, the commodity was not given its pride of place but rather relegated to the backgrounds of misfits and drug addicts.

Today, the medical research milestones that have been achieved and the prospects for more findings is leading cannabis to the forefront. Cannabis is getting the limelight and taking that shine and for the first time, regulators have moved to transform this underground market to a corporate stock.

Cannabis rules on the underground and can still rule in the corporate market. The sheer size of the market that has been unleashed by legalization has the potential of craving out a new economy.

Look closely, the numbers don’t lie. Some of the quoted cannabis companies are posting stock appreciations of over 500%. While the sceptics wait, the market is growing, one thing is for sure, the cannabis market is here to stay. The only question is how big will it get?

Thinking of making an investment in cannabis? Look no further. FSD Pharma (OTCPK:FSDDF) (C.HUGE)(HUGE:CNX) is a leading licensed cannabis producer and processor. They have been in the industry since 1994 and have overtime proven ourselves as a reliable partner for growth in the industry.

They are owners of the largest hydroponic farm in Canada for the production of cannabis and are a listed member of the Canadian Stock Exchange.


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