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Is cannabis industry going to create a new stock market?

Is cannabis industry going to create a new stock market?

A new market stock is about to be created thanks to the legalization of cannabis in Canada “the cannabis market stock” will become a trend.

This question has been bandied around a lot in recent times since cannabis went corporate. The performance of cannabis stock on the Canadian Stock Market has led many to the conclusion that following the trend, there is bound to be the creation of a new market stock – the cannabis market stock.

Across North America, the clamour for cannabis legalization is at its peak. Several states in America including Colorado and California have adopted a legalized framework but the big fish is Canada where marijuana has been given the green card for both medical and recently recreational use by adults.

The stock market in Canada is on fire! Cannabis stock is taking over in profits, capitalizations and volume of stock traded. Several stocks including those of FSD PHARMA have broken and set records on the trading floor of the Stock Exchange markets in Canada.

The energy cannabis legalization has brought to the financial markets in Canada is bringing a whole new crop of investors buying into the pot stock market, many of them, first time investors.

On the Canadian financial markets, Cannabis-related businesses accounts for most of the fastest growing commodities in terms of capitalization and volume of stocks traded. The medical marijuana market with about 85 companies is worth an excess ofUS$30 billion and is expected to continue to grow. The adult recreational arm of this market is just starting out and has been valued at US$23 billion in this year 2018 with a projected valuation of US$57 billion by 2025.

To make a case for the Canadian cannabis market stock, we will like to explore the nature of businesses which by virtue of the cannabis explosion have become powerhouses in their rights.

The Agriculture and Biotechnology Sector

The extensive investment in research and the development that is being witnessed in the biotechnology and agriculture sector as a result of the explosion of cannabis makes a good case for the creation of a cannabis market stock. Further research into the efficacy of cannabis as a medical product is required as the scale of users expand.

The market stock is expected to include these businesses and all related businesses, giving them the opportunity for acquisition of funds to facilitate research into other uses of the commodity.

The Cannabis and CBD Retail

An upsurge in property acquisition for the sale and dispensary of cannabis is also a very big venture, requiring capital in tens of billions of dollars. The needed capital to easy reach can be sourced from a specialized cannabis market stock.

 Some analysts have argued that the cannabis market has become too strong for growth investors. In our opinion this makes a valid case for the creation of a solely exclusive cannabis market stock. But like all things in life, some other deeply cooperate analysts have referred to the current successes of the cannabis stocks in the stock market as a bubble that would in a short time bust.

Whatever the case, only time will tell.

Considering an investment in cannabis on the Canadian stock market? FSD PHARMA  (OTCPK:FSDDF)(C.HUGE) (HUGE:CNX) is your best bet. We are Canada’s leading licensed cannabis producers and processors; owning one of the largest hydroponic farms in Canada.

We are listed on the Canadian Stock exchange and have a present market capitalization north of US$230 million.


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