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Cannabis’ Innovative Technology Keeps Moving Up

Cannabis’ Innovative Technology Keeps Moving Up

This story originally appeared on Cannabis & Tech today.

Cannabis and innovation go hand-in-hand. From growing to packaging technology, consuming to creating, cannabis influences many innovative ideas.

Innovation in cannabis isn’t always as visible as it is in other industries. Cannabis is still budding and because it’s been illegal for so long, much of its innovation has happened behind closed doors.

As space continues to grow, entrepreneurs are becoming more comfortable sharing their ideas and advocating for a more transparent industry.

The cannabis community is ripe with innovators developing thoughtful solutions to emerging problems. Here are a just a few bringing their ingenuity to the space.

Presto Doctor

Founded in 2015 by Rob Tankson and Kyle Powers, Presto Doctor has brought cannabis to the height of availability, (especially during COVID-19).

The website enables those seeking medical marijuana licenses to visit their doctor online. This practice is available in Oklahoma, Illinois, California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania. 

Presto Doctor is a fast, easy, and private way to visit a medical marijuana doctor. In each state, however, the rules are different, so Presto Doctor has been verified by HIPAA, the American Telehealth Association, and Hi-Tech Compliant.

Since the creation of Presto Doctor, they have been top-rated by many medical marijuana professionals.


Innovation through vaporization is how this company works. Vapexhale is primarily known for its EVO. The EVO is their heat core for vaporizing or regular flower consumption.

Inside each EVO is their patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology. Basically, this utilizes conduction heating to create a superior burn compared to common conduction heating that can char the herb and leave the consumer with a burnt taste.

This technology adjusts automatically to the consumer’s inhalation rate in order to ensure a smooth and rich taste for each hit.

As a consumer inhales, air flows past the heater and warms up to the temperature of your choice then goes through to vaporize whatever the consumer has chosen to smoke. 

Vapexhale provides different kits for anyone interested in trying the EVO.

Each kit includes the Vapexhale EVO, a glass mouthpiece of your choice, two herb baskets, two extract tubes, a power cord, a heat shield, an instructional manual, and a three-year limited warranty.

Humble Bloom

Founded by Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh, Humble Bloom innovates through education.

This company collaboratively creates a culture within cannabis. They aim to break the stigma and elevate brands with integrity.

Humble Bloom forges partnerships with other community leaders and cannabis experts in order to provide consultative support to assist in growing brands and connecting the diverse cannabis communities through education, including immersive experiences.

Humble Bloom’s immersive experiences are reminiscent of field trips but for adults. Last year, they held an Allyship + Weed Summit in support of Black lives (100% of the profit was donated to the Movement for Black Lives).

The Humble Bloom team has held at least one immersive experience per year to continue education within the cannabis community.


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