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Cannabis Stocks you must watch in 2019

Cannabis Stocks you must watch in 2019

One of the ways to invest in cannabis is through the stock market. If you are looking for cannabis stocks, there are few clear toppers. These include:

According to the CEO of Cannabis Stocks, Bruce Linton, cannabis along with other hemp products might be entering the market by the end of 2019 and they are indeed a very viable investment.

Moreover, other cannabis derivatives will also be launched this year. These cannabis derivatives will include beverages and edibles.

Marijuana Or Cannabis Industries To Invest In

FSD Pharma

Is focused in cannabinoids and their potential for widespread clinical applications. And has a licensed producer under The Cannabis Act, they received their cultivation license on October 13, 2017 and its sale for Medical Purposes license on April 18, 2019.

GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing, discovering and commercializing cannabinoid prescriptions from the cannabis plant.

GW Pharmaceuticals has had consistent and subsequent ranks on the stock exchange and they have risen significantly (by 5.13%).

Innovative Industrial Properties

IIPR, Innovative Industrial Properties, focuses on management, ownership and acquisition of special industrial products for state licensed operators.

The company’s earnings growth for the year has been 64.2% and the company has clearly outperformed Equity Trust and REIT both.

Pax Labs

Cannabis focused vaporizer company has raised over $20 million from investors in October. Pax Labs raised the name nicotine vaporization maker, which was one of its most solid products.

Pax Labs is listed on the New York Global Exchange and can be traded with utmost ease.


CannTrust is a Canadian company and is considered one of Canada’s finest.

With over 100,000 KG production capacity of their flower (per annum), its supply international growth and distribution is both wide spread.  CannTrust is very positioned for growth.

CannTrust is a great choice of investment as a company and its shares are very promising.


An ancillary cannabis player, EnWave develops licenses and equipment for dehydrating organic materials, which includes hemp and marijuana.

While EnWave is little known in the United States, its stocks are available through OTC in the country.

KushCo Holding (KSHB)

KushCo Holding operates a specific creative design agency for both cannabis and non-cannabis clients. KushCo provides brand strategy, marketing, design and others.

KushCo acquired Summit Innovations, which is known for developing significant amounts of cannabis and related portions.

Finally, if we are talking about cannabis stocks, know the best way to go about it is through stocks or ETF.

Stay tuned.



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