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Professions that consume the most cannabis

Professions that consume the most cannabis

In this article, we will examine the rate of consumption of cannabis amongst professionals. And which is the one that consumes the most?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and attract the right investments, more information and trends about the drug are continually released into the public space.

The benefits of cannabis are no longer a question. There have been proven use cases for the drug and several testimonies of its potency. Cannabis is the new kid on the block and we dare say one that deserves the respect of everyone.

A one-time taboo, the negative stereotype behind cannabis use is gradually fading away, the society is becoming more accommodating of the drug, and more people are open now than ever-before to try out cannabis medications. While several companies are relaxing their rules on cannabis, some others are dropping out pot testing from their employment requirements.

This is good period to be associated with cannabis. Although we do not encourage indiscriminate consumption, we welcome idea of acceptance. We have taken as a duty to continue to educate the public on issues regarding cannabis with a view to killing the lies and righting the wrongs.

In this article, we will examine the rate of consumption of cannabis amongst professionals, listing out the profession that has the most cannabis consumers.

This report is based on a study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the sample data was gotten from 10,169 adult workers respondents living in Colorado. The purpose of the study was “develop appropriately targeted workplace marijuana policies and safety awareness campaigns.”

The Cannabis Consumer Study

The public health department in Colorado published the results of a survey on the cannabis consumption habit of professionals within the Colorado workforce. The survey was conducted amongst 10,169 adult workers living in Colorado about cannabis consumption and published on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. The information derived was broken down into demographics and employment information.

Basically the survey reported that 14.6 percent of adult workers said they had consumed cannabis at least once in the previous 30 days. According to the report, there were more white smokers (15.3%) of cannabis than other ethnicities. Black smokers (14.5%) recorded the lowest rate for smokers of cannabis in Colorado.

In line with the objectives of this article, the “Food Preparation and Serving” industry had the most smokers with an exact 32.2% of respondents, while both the “Construction and Extraction,” “Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media,” profession came in a close second at 27.5%.

The “Production” profession came in 3rd with a bold 20.8%, followed closely by “Life, Physical, and Social Science” profession at 20.6%.

The bottom of the list was occupied by “Healthcare and Technical,” 3.1%, “Protective Service,” 6.2%.

Although these numbers may not accurately reflect trends in other locations, it gives an insight into the consumption trends in areas were the drug is legal.

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