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The true value of medical research

the true value of medical research

The value of medical research implies both, the economic benefit, but also the improving of health, even when investing in small companies.

When many people wonder what the real value of medical research is, they may believe that it is the millions of dollars that are earned by the drug market. However, beyond that, changing lives, especially of underserved groups, is the best fortune.

There are also some extra social benefits that can help companies like Revive Therapeutics bet on research and develop medicines, for those patients whose large laboratories do not address the issue of not being a target market.

For example, researchers learn about trends in a particular disease and its risk factors, which may improve short-term treatment outcomes or public health interventions, functional capacities, care patterns, costs and the use of medical care. If that is not a profit for all, what else can it be?

Clinical trials

Many scientists say that different approaches to research provide a complementary vision that even helps other types of treatment. History has shown that sometimes during the clinical trials, have been discovered treatments for diseases other than those analyzed, giving a new drug that can change the lives of millions of patients.

In addition, maintaining clinical trials helps provide important information about the efficacy and adverse effects of medical interventions, by controlling for variables that could affect study results. Feedback from such experiences is also crucial for comparing and improving the use of medications, health-care devices, and diagnoses.

For example, once the US FDA approves a drug for a particular treatment, it means that a series of controlled clinical trials, often with hundreds of patients, have been passed, so that it can be used by millions of people.

Therefore, the follow-up of clinical research with the drug is of vital importance to identify any adverse effects that might be had, and to determine the efficacy in different populations or in various circumstances that may help improve the quality of life.

Even tracking this process step by step and evaluating it in the end, helps develop guidelines for best practices and ensure high quality patient care.

Value of medical research

Altogether, all these teachings and experiences are those that give the greatest value to medical research, although there is also an economic component as a result of this process.

The importance of investors helping smaller pharmaceutical companies in their innovation work, is of vital importance in supporting patients whose “rare diseases” do not allow them to have a good quality of life, or even lead to premature deaths.

Dozens of economics specialists have discovered that medical research can have a huge impact on human health and longevity, and increase the resulting productivity of the population, which contributes greatly to national finances, in addition to the benefits Improve health. If the research firm is hampered, or if it is less robust, important social interests are affected.

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