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Best markets to invest in Canada cannabis

Best markets to invest in Canada cannabis

Looking to invest in one of the fastest growing markets in Canada today? Then we suggest you read through.

Cannabis is the new kid on the block; the one with the fancy bike that everyone wants to have a ride on. It’s no jokes, the financial prospects of an investment in Canadian cannabis is too good to ignore. The enormous benefits of cannabis for medical use and its recreational efficacy have made this once “illegal” commodity the darling of investors in Canada today.

When asked why cannabis? Several investors are reporting to have based their decision to invest on the commodity on its already widespread market and its enormous growth potential. Since legalization for recreational use, analyst figure that investment in cannabis will grow exponentially, surpassing the US$50 billion mark before 2025.

The cash is rolling in and as more and more investors are making a go at cannabis, it is important to x-ray some of the best industries for your investment in Canada cannabis.

Cannabis Licenced Producers

This is the main thriving hub of cannabis investment. They form the backbone of the industry as they are expected to ensure that the commodity is always available in the market. The Cannabis LPs and growers are saddled with the responsibility of farming and growing the commodity in the most hygienic conditions for medicine or recreational use.

Investment in this category can be through direct personal finance investment for smaller cannabis LPs that are not on the stock market or investment in stock and ETF options of cannabis companies on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Hemp Stock (Industrial Hemp)

This is a fairly obscure branch of cannabis investment. Many at the moment are concerned with both medical and recreational use of cannabis, forgoing its huge industrial use potential.

Cannabis has been found to be useful as fibres and other known derivatives. This market is more direct and as the use case for cannabis expands, the prospects of financial gains increases.

Cannabis Support Industries

There are several industries that are currently supporting the growth of the cannabis market and an up-buzz in the cannabis market is an up-buzz in these industries too. For example, makers of bottles, packages and supplies for use in the industry is a safe bet investment in the industry.

Companies like these don’t grow, produce, or sell cannabis but they are still very much in the mix of the happenings surrounding the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Pharmaceutical

Medical cannabis is multi-billion dollar business with several players looking to own a prime share of the market through research and patents. Offers for investment are usually through the stock market

Cannabis & CBD Retailers

The legalization for recreational use of cannabis is opening a new opportunity for businesses to run retail stores where the commodity can be sold. Several large cannabis producers have even made investments in retail chain to meet the growing demand.

This need presents a business opportunity for the discerning investor.

Although the market is ripe and ready for the taking, it’s important that due diligence is observed in all your financial dealings. When in doubt, please consult your financial adviser.

FSD PHARMA (OTCPK:FSDDF)(HUGE:CN)(HUGE:CNX) owns the largest hydroponic indoor cannabis production and processing activities in Canada and they are listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

FSD PHARMA has partnered with SciCann Therapeutics Inc. for the production and distribution of cannabinoid-based, patent pending, and indication-specific products developed by SciCann Therapeutics Inc.


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