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The most profitable business solutions for your company

The most profitable business solutions for your company

The cannabis industry across North America is open for business, and it is only imperative that companies looking for profitable business solutions to invest in, look towards the “green revolution” that is sweeping across the continent.

The Canadian cannabis market is galvanizing investors. The rush for a share of the market by potential investors has caused the market capitalization of the cannabis stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) to skyrocket through the roofs, breaking records in its flight.

Cannabis is the new economic sector and the darling of the markets in Canada. Although the hype and intrigues have taken center stage in Canada, the reciprocal effect is rippling through all of North America. The implications of these for businesses and companies is that the North American cannabis market is open for business.

The Cannabis Revolution

It started silently, an underground network of suppliers feeding the desires of so-called “addicts.” The drug was illegal, its possession considered a class B felony.

Somewhere along the line, several medical researchers started to mute its efficacy as a therapeutic drug for the treatment of specific ailments that have defied solutions. They opined that if given in controlled dosages, the drug could have unprecedented positive effects on patients suffering from illnesses such as epilepsy, severe migraines and others that have defied conventional solutions.

The agitations from these findings grew, they grew to a scale that attracted the right attention and the rest they say is history.

Today, Canada stands on the threshold of history as one of the first countries to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, and by that action, they have opened a flood of investment opportunities and profitable business solutions for eager investors.

The Canadian cannabis market is ripe for investment and its antecedents though in the short time it has existed proved it to be a viable investment business solutions for discerning investors.

The Opportunities

There are several ways investors can take advantage of the burgeoning opportunities that exist in the industry, the push for full legalization has opened sectors that hitherto would have been lost in the scheme of things.

Some of the sectors that present some of the most profitable business solutions for company to invest in, includes the following:

  • Licensed Producers: This represents both public and private LPs. Several opportunities exist for companies to make investments in LPs. Most LPs are redefining their market approach to make them attractive to investors and guarantee profits. FSD Pharma, unlike most others, offers a unique proposal as they are set to build the largest cannabis cultivation site at the newly acquired former Kraft food plant in Cobourg, Ontario.
  • Agricultural Technology: Investing in essential equipment used in the cultivation of cannabis is another way to get involved in the sector. Companies like PermaClone that manufactures microwaveable Neoprene clone collars have found a unique investment niche for themselves. Now, that’s just one of the many.
  • Biotechnology and Research: FSD Pharma is leading the pack in this regards. The company started out as a pharmaceutical research company, and was able to discover the potency of cannabis long before the others.They have continued on that path of research, finding new ways of applying the drug to medical challenges that have defied solutions.
  • Cannabis Support sector: This sector encapsulates businesses that support the industry. They include businesses in packaging, retail, logistics, advertising et al. The support sector like the core cannabis LPs holds a lot of promise and profitable business solutions for investors.

If looking to invest in the Canadian cannabis industry and you want a model with minimal participation but a guaranteed return on investment then we suggest that you look to FSD Pharma. FSD Pharma trading as HUGE on the Canadian stock market has excellent growth potential for any investor.

FSD Pharma Inc, (OTCPK:FSDDF) (HUGE:CN) (HUGE:CNX), wholly owns FV Pharma, a Canadian licensed cannabis producer under ACMPR aiming to develop the largest legal indoor cannabis facility in the world.


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